Celebrate Amazing Contributions to Research Software Engineering! 

The RSECon2022 committee is starting a new tradition at our annual conference with an awards ceremony. We’d like to award three amazing people who have been particularly successful these past 12 months in one of the three categories below. 

You can now nominate a community member or colleague(s) for one of our new community awards! Categories are ‘Rising Star’, ‘Training & Education’ and ‘Impact’.  The winners will be presented with their award at the RSE Conference in Newcastle, September 6th-8th.

Who is eligible?

Anybody doing research software engineering work even if they don’t have the job title RSE. These individuals can be from any type of organisation. 

Impact Award

This award would go to an individual who has made a significant impact in any part of the RSE community. This could include work done on a particular project, field of research or as part of a group. Other examples could include impact on the wider community, such as increasing RSE visibility and diversity.  

Rising Star

This award would go to an individual who is at an early career stage, or has only recently started doing work in Research Software Engineering, but who has already made an outstanding contribution to their team, project or institution.

Training and Education

The final award category would be for an individual who is excelling at training and education, whether that is delivering training courses or writing the material.

Go for it! Nominate your colleagues and/or community members to show that you appreciate the work they do and the enthusiasm they bring to the role. 

Nominations are now closed

We are delighted to have received so many glowing nominations from the community! Find out the winners at the conference, where the successful candidates will be presented with their awards. Shortlisted nominees will be informed in early August, prior to the conference. All nominees will receive an email letting them know that they were appreciated and nominated 🙂 

Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Awards Chair, Rebecca Osselton, via [email protected] 


Can I nominate more than one person for each category? 

Feel free to nominate as many people as you would like. 

Are you accepting nominees from non academic institutions? 

If the person is carrying out Research Software Engineering, no matter what institution or job title, they can be included in the nominations.

How much do we need to write? 

Enough to convince the panel to shortlist your nominee!

What if this person is not intending to go to RSECon2022? 

Can you convince them that it would be worth it to attend?! 🙂  If not, no problem. If they are shortlisted they will be notified by email and if they are the winner their award will be delivered to their preferred address.  

What is the award? 

It will be a physical engraved award. We hope to use a local artist to design something for us so it will be unique and personal.

Who are the panel members reviewing the nominations? 

They are a panel of your peers who will review the anonymised nominations. 

Some colleagues and I all want to nominate the same colleague. Is it okay to submit a single nomination on behalf of the whole group (or at least a number of us), or should we each submit the form with our own views?

Each colleague should submit their own views to the form even if it is for the same colleague.