Registration for RSECon22 in-person tickets is now open! Please follow the appropriate link below:

Registration costs £270 plus VAT for members of the RSE Society, and £300 plus VAT for non-members.

Tickets to watch the livestream will only be available once we have sold enough in-person tickets so if you would like a ‘livestream-only’ ticket, please hold off and wait for a few more weeks. If we don’t sell enough in-person tickets to make the conference viable, we may not open up livestream tickets. As a small charity, we take a big risk each year signing contracts and paying deposits for a conference venue and dinner venues that we must then fill completely and are obliged to pay them even if we can’t use them. So we will do our best to open livestreaming-only tickets if we can but if we can’t do that this year, we will be recording the sessions and they’ll be available on the Society youtube channel a few months after the conference.

Helpful links

Prior to registering, you may find it helpful to see the registration questions in advance.

You can see the programme for the conference here.

You can also look at the policies drawn up by the committee for the conference.

If you have any problems with registering, please email the conference committee.