Ticket sales for RSECon2022 are open from Tuesday 14th June to Wednesday 6th July. As a small charity, we take a big risk each year signing contracts and paying deposits for a conference venue and dinner venues that we must then fill completely and are obliged to pay them even if we can’t use them. Due to this risk we are unable to refund tickets without reselling the ticket first. Once the ticket has been resold, we will refund you. There may be some administration charges deducted by the registration platform and/or stripe (the payment processor). The cut off date for any registration changes and/or ticket cancellations is the 13th July because at that point, we must confirm final numbers and dietary requirements to all the venues.  After that date, for whatever reason, we are unable to refund the ticket cost. We recommend that you purchase event ticket cancellation insurance. 

After we’ve sold all or most of the in-person tickets, we may make remote attendee tickets available. If you bought an in-person ticket and would like to swap it for a remote one, you will be unable to unless we can resell the ticket before 13th July. After July 13th, you can swap your ticket for a remote one but no refunds will be available.

We apologise for the complexity and uncertainty of this process – we are very constrained by supplier deadlines and our limited charitable funds.

If the conference is cancelled for any reason, we are obliged contractually to pay the costs of the conference before refunding tickets. We will try our best to refund tickets either partially or fully but we cannot guarantee this because we are a small charity.

If you need a refund please contact the conference committee.