Workshops are interactive sessions during which the audience, utilizing their own laptops, will try out a new technology or learn a new skill or technique under the guidance of the workshop presenter. Workshops should be a half day (180 minutes including one 30 minute break).

The objective of a workshop is to raise awareness and develop skills of the audience about a software tool, library, language etc. of relevance for the Research Software Engineering community. Ideally, workshops should provide enough detail to enable the audience to develop themselves in their own time after the conference.

Note that the audience is expected to follow-along live using their own laptop, which will be used for practicals.

Planning your submission

Workshops are focused on skills development.  Our most successful workshops have provided engaging, hands-on experiences for attendees through a mix of lectures and practicals.

Topics for workshops could include:

  • Teaching a new skill (e.g. how to create an R or Python package, writing a grant application, leadership skills) 
  • How to use a technology of service (e.g. how to set up and use continuous integration, how to use a cloud service) or
  • Demonstrating of a new tool (e.g. how to download and use a code coverage or documentation tool).

Consider the following details:

  • Title: Make this informative and eye-catching as this will be used in the conference programme.
  • Audience: Would your target audience be required to have any prerequisite skills/background knowledge e.g. knowledge of a particular language or software package?
  • Outcomes: How will your attendees benefit from your session? What do you expect them to gain/learn?
  • Accessibility: We have a complete accessibility guideline set to ensure you make your walkthrough successful.  Some key pieces to consider are:
    • Have you thought about how accessible your session will be to a diverse conference audience (i.e. different skill sets, different work backgrounds)? 
    • Visually, have you considered the colors chosen as well as the shape and size of graphics and fonts? 
    • Will someone who views a recording of your event be able to contact you in future?

Resources and accessibility needs

If you require particular resources or accessibility needs for your talk, walkthrough or panel (e.g. if you have particular requirements re. network bandwidth or firewall exceptions) then please indicate this in the submission. 

Wider dissemination after the conference

Please bear in mind that all materials will be published publicly. 


We are happy to provide mentors who can help you put together your session. Mentors can help by reviewing draft slides, listening to a rehearsal, providing advice on making material engaging, setting up cloud access etc. You can let us know if you would like a mentor if you are accepted. 


All materials uploaded and generated for workshops will be published on the conference website and will be shared under a CC BY-NC license.